Named for an early Dutch settler and former pirate, Jost Van Dyke runs deep with rugged scenery and colorful folklore. Explore vegetation-covered sugar mill ruins, old trails that crisscross the island and the East End's natural sea-formed Jacuzzi, or observe whales and dolphins.
Measuring just four miles by three and with fewer than 300 inhabitants, the BVI's smallest island has been home to Arawak Indians, Caribs, Dutch, Africans and the British. Notable inhabitants have included William Thornton, architect of the U.S. Capitol Building, and John Lettsome, founder of the London Medical Society.


With crystal clear waters and balmy trade winds year-round, the British Virgin Islands are a pristine playground brimming with adventure.

  • DIVING & SNORKELING - Explore the secrets that lie beneath the surface.
  • KITEBOARDING & WINDSURFING - Hook In and Hold On is the term we use here in the BVI.
  • SURFING - Harmonize your spirit with nature.
  • FISHING - Cast away your days in paradise.
  • BEACHES - Measure happiness in grains of sand.
  • WATER SPORTS - Discover your playground.
  • SAILING & BOATING - Raise the sails and your expectations.


Bring the islands home with the work of local craftspeople in your suitcase. Our markets and shopping districts are your destinations for photography, jewelry, clothing, books and much more.


Foxy’s Restaurant

(495-9258 )

Personally attended by Foxy Callwood, Foxy’s beach bar is a spot you don’t want to miss. What began as a little bar the size of a lemonade stand intended to only be open for a day, evolved into a major cultural force.

Foxy’s, known for its great local food, spotlights Friday and Saturday barbecues serving Rotis and flying fish sandwiches for lunch, and grilled fresh fish and lobster for dinner.

Foxy’s hosts' tremendous annual events including Halloween parties and Halloween catfights (catamaran race), and the Wooden Boat Regatta.

Foxy is the founder of the Jost Van Dyke Preservation Society.

The Foxhole


Souvenir shop – Purchase t-shirts, hats, island wear and Foxy’s tapes.

Corsair’s Beach Bar & Restaurant

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Corsair’s has taken over Club Paradise, the “shocking pink” landmark, but couldn’t resist holding on to the eye-catching wall murals.

Notorious for excellent food, Corsair’s recommends a few of their most popular dishes such as pizza, sushi, fresh fish tacos, fresh seared tuna with spicy mango sauce and fabulous conch fritters with goat cheese sauce.

Cool Breeze

Local family owned Restaurant, Bar & Grill highlights a barbecue Caribbean grill cuisine serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop on by for a cold beer and dance the night away.

Ali Baba’s


Picturesque Bar & Restaurant open for breakfast, lunch and dinner featuring lobster and fresh grilled fish such as swordfish, wahoo, and kingfish. Highlighted drink specials include Bushwhackers and Ali Baba’s own rum punch.

Monday night pig roasts are always a nice treat.

A & B Snack Bar

Enjoy ‘real local cuisine’ and local drinks in a relaxed atmosphere by the sea at A & B Snack Bar.

Happy Hours!
Open ‘till late.
Tel:    1 284 495 9352
Cell:   1 284 443 2325

Soggy Dollar Bar


Located at the Sandcastle, Soggy Dollar Bar got its name from the soggy condition of the dollar bills from sailors who swam ashore.

The infamous native drink “Painkiller” is a frozen delight made strong with dark rum, 4 parts pineapple juice, 1 part orange juice and 1 part Coco Lopez (sweetened cream of coconut) sprinkled on top with fresh ground nutmeg.

It is illegal in the BVI not to try its most famous drink!

One Love Bar and Grill

Up the beach past the Sandcastle, One Love Bar and Grill is a great spot for hanging out! Don’t miss the Shark and Johnny Cakes (made to order) for lunch. Other favorites are Lobster Quesadillas and BBQ ribs with cinnamon and brown sugar corn on the cob.

Gertrude’s Beach Bar


Beach Bar dining offering excellent wings, sodas, beer and mixed drinks.

Additionally, Gertrude’s is a great place to get your hair braided on the island

Bungalows are available for rent.

Stress Free Bar


Located at White Bay Campground, Stress Free Bar has an honor payment system.

Be sure to check out all of the pictures left on the walls as testimonials by patrons who’ve experienced great times there.


White Bay is a fabulous place for snorkeling with abundant marine life typically seen at the Twin Towers. Observe moving shoals of fish fry pursued by flocks of pelicans above with a school of tarpon below.

Jost Van Dyke Scuba

The island’s only dive shop offers a variety of water activities. Popular adventures are scuba diving trips, secret location diving and eco-excursions around the island. Surf gear is available for purchase. For more information, call 284 495 0271.

Rudy’s Superette

Local supermarket.
Rudy's has always had a small store ... but it was nothing like they have today.

Christine’s Bakery


A great spot to enjoy breakfast on a charming small porch. Christine’s Bakery features tasty cinnamon buns, coconut cake, egg sandwiches and fresh baked loaves of whole wheat, white and banana bread.

Located near Ice House.


Abe's, like the other restaurants in Little Harbour, specialize in lobster dinners (in season).
The Bar is an honour bar, which means you serve yourself and write down what drinks you take as your meal progresses. There are several honour bars in the BVI and most folks quite enjoy it as they get their drinks their way. You can make it as potent or as weak as you like. The bar is very well stocked too.